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Choose Your Best Beach Wedding Dress Using These Tips

Choose Your Best Beach Wedding Dress Using These Tips

Standard wedding gowns may feel overly formal for a coastal wedding. However, that does not imply that your wedding dress must be simple.

Beach wedding gowns can range in style – from being simple and casual to elaborate and embellished. You will get the ideal dress for your wedding if you can find one that complements your personality, wedding style, and makes you feel attractive.

There is never a bad moment to buy or begin gathering ideas for your beach wedding dress, regardless of whether you have your entire wedding planned or are just getting started with the planning process.

The following are our top considerations for choosing your beach wedding dress:

1. Fabric

Beach weddings are best held in light fabrics, particularly ones that don't stick to the body. While lace and cotton are fantastic, light fabric that provide a luxurious feel, like chiffon, organza, and linen are better options.

Additionally, they will aid in keeping you cool in the sun. Sweat stains on the front or back of a gown are something we must always avoid.

Regarding the dress's style, avoid choosing one that is both excessively loose and short because you run the risk of unintentionally flashing people with the first breeze.

2. Style

There are many different wedding dress designs. However, not all of them look beautiful on the beach. For instance, sheath or A-line gowns are more suited for beach weddings, whereas ballgown or mermaid dresses have a more formal appearance and are perfect for conventional weddings.

Choose a look that complements your personality and body type. Bohemian-style dresses, which are flowy, relaxed, and contain lace and natural elements are especially suitable for the beach.

3. Length

Yes, there are brides that brave the dunes in a long gown because they are in love with a dramatic length. But while it may appear beautiful, it will be uncomfortable and bothersome. Beaches are sandy, wet, and occasionally muddy places, therefore a long dress with a train is not appropriate.

Imagine a piece of sand getting caught in your hem, causing damage, and making you look unclean in pictures. Consider a shorter dress that is at least knee length. If you don't think this sounds like a wedding, how about an asymmetrical hi-low dress that droops or drags on the sand?

One thing to keep in mind is that while a short dress looks attractive and laid-back, beware of unforeseen breezes that could result in major embarrassment.

4. Shoes

You might be the type of bride who prefers to wear heels, but everyone can agree that heels don't go well with a seaside wedding. For a beach wedding, sandals, flip flops, wedges, or—the most practical and comfortable option—going barefoot are the finest shoe options.

Barefoot sandals are one example of a cutting-edge new style that adds a dash of glitz and dresses up your feet without sacrificing functionality.

However, how do your shoes match your outfit? It's crucial to know what kind of shoes you'll be wearing on your wedding day before you start looking for your gown.

To enhance your body and height when trying on wedding dresses, wear heels. The issue with this is that without the heels, you might look dowdy at the beach and the dress might not seem as stunning. Find a dress that complements the style of shoe you have in mind.

5. Veil

Veils are stunning and instantly turn you into a bride, but they might not be appropriate for a seaside wedding. If your veil is excessively long, it may become dirty, trap sand, and become damp. It may also fly, catch on things, and generally be bothersome.

When having a beach wedding, most brides choose not to wear veils, although they can still be used for a romantic appearance. Think about wearing a shorter, sheerer veil, and make sure it is securely fastened to your hair, so it won't blow away in the wind.

6. Wedding theme

An ideal wedding attire should complement the theme of the event. Beach weddings can be traditional or more laid-back, casual affairs. If your wedding is an elopement, you could be leaning toward something more casual; however, if there are 100 guests, you might want to think about a more conventional wedding dress with all the frills and furbelows.

While picking out your beach wedding dress might be thrilling and entertaining, remember to keep the specifics of your event in mind. The most crucial factor is to feel beautiful and at ease in the dress you have chosen.

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