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6 Things You Need For A Beach Wedding

destination beach weddings

California has some of the best beaches in the US, and that’s no exaggeration. So, it’s no surprise that so many couples host their beach wedding there.

Despite COVID-19 and lockdown, over 122,944 marriages were held in California last year, according to That figure placed California at the top of the list among the 51 US states in terms of weddings.  And many of them were beach weddings.

With social distancing measures now relaxed, the year 2021 has seen even more weddings. So, if your wedding is right around the corner, why not end the year with a fabulous beach wedding? Listed below are ten things to consider when planning your California beach wedding.


  • Get An Excellent Outdoor Space

Beach weddings are meant to be celebrated outside. So, even if you rent an event hall for your evening reception or because of unpredictable weather, keep in mind that you’re supposed to spend most of your time outside.


  • Drinks And Seafood

It makes perfect sense to offer your visitors delectable seafood since you are near the sea. And, for drinks, refreshing craft beer would be excellent. But many of your guests may have individual preferences, so work with your professional wedding caterer to create a diverse menu that can meet everyone’s needs or preferences.


  • Halls With Wide Windows

Rent a hall with a panoramic ocean view. You’ll appreciate this all the more during your evening reception.


  • Unique Backdrops

A beach provides you with stunning and distinctive backdrops for lovely and unique photographs.


Wedding pictures will remind you of how wonderful your wedding was, so it’s imperative you have the perfect backdrops. For gorgeous and one-of-a-kind images, have a beach wedding.


  • Offers A Blank Canvas For Your Wedding Decor

The beach gives you a canvas for any décor and colors you want to use. And remember that the style and decorations you use go a long way to making your event memorable.


So, work closely with your professional wedding decorator or rental company to have the most creative and unique decorations for your beach wedding.                                                                                                                    


  • Accommodation For The Night

Many of your guests might have to travel for your beach wedding. Ensure you secure accommodation for them to stay the night once the celebration is over.


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