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4 Valentine’s Day Proposals on The Beach

4 Valentine’s Day Proposals on The Beach

4 Valentines Day Proposals on The Beach

Love is in the air! Whether you are looking for that special someone or you are already blissfully paired off, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to express your feelings through romantic gestures!

If you’re planning on popping the question at the end of this month, here are four beach-themed proposals to inspire you!


  • Rock On

Collect smooth rocks or sea-washed pebbles to carve our your names or “Will You Marry Me? in the sand.

Love walking on the beach and picking up rocks? Take a stroll hand-in-hand with the sand between your toes, collecting rocks or shells. With a beautiful beach setting, you don’t need more than some heartfelt words and one important question to create a moment to remember.


  • Sand Art

Write it in the sand! A candlelit dinner on the beach and the option to write 'Will You Marry Me?' in the sand is the perfect way to pop the question.

Collect some sand to take home, so you can put it in a jar and have a little memory of the day you were engaged!


  • Message in A Bottle

Write your proposal and place it in the bottle. You can go for a walk on the beach together and “find” the bottle. As the bottle is being opened with the message being read, drop to one knee and pull out the ring!


  • Beach Blanket Romance

A luxurious beach picnic for two is the perfect setting for popping the question.

Complete your picnic with flowers, a charcuterie board, some glass flutes for when you pop the  champagne, and all set on a blanket with layers of pillows to lounge on. If you’ll be enjoying the sunset after the proposal don’t forget candles and photographer to capture it all.

If none of these proposals appeal to you or you want something more original, there are plenty of ways to pop the question. Do some research on Pinterest for inspiration.

Remember that what is most important isn’t the proposal itself but your feelings for each other, so find a method that allows you to express those emotions most clearly!


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