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4 Traditions for Beach Weddings You Should Consider

Beach Wedding Sand Ceremony

There are a few traditions that are particularly well-suited for beach weddings. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your big day, consider incorporating one (or more!) of these four traditions into your ceremony or reception.

You may know some of them, but we doubt if you’re familiar with them all. Either way, they’re sure to make the ceremony a bit more unique!


  • Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize the union of two people. The bride and groom each pour different colored sand into a single vase, signifying their individual lives coming together as one.


  • Walking Barefoot

One popular tradition for beach weddings is to have the bride and groom walk barefoot down the aisle. This is said to signify their willingness to go through life’s ups and downs together.


  • Seashells

Many couples choose to have a seashell placed on each guest’s chair before the ceremony begins. This represents the waves of good luck and happiness that will come their way.


  • Unity Candle

A unity candle ceremony is a popular choice for beach weddings. In this tradition, the bride and groom each hold a lit candle and then use them to light a single, larger candle in the center. It symbolizes their two lives becoming one.


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